Your Zibits


Drafting the Story

You have a story to tell for your client, and Zibits is ready to support you in crafting an effective set of visuals to bring that story alive. We will help you see, sort, and select demonstrative evidence ideas to make it a compelling presentation. Whatever phase you are in on your case, it's a good time to invite us to help you make it a persuasive story. 


Writing the Visuals

This is the execution phase. Once we know what the story needs to convey, Zibits will develop concepts, templates, signature elements, drafts, storyboards, Power Point slides, boards, videos or animations -- any combination of visual components best suited to help you tell the story in a convincing way.  


Delivering the Case

Each exhibit is finalized in a form that fits your unique presentation skills and style. We have production capacity across the country, and can coordinate any technology infrastructure needed for courtroom or other litigation settings. Helping you tell the winning story is our goal.